Services Offered

Private Personal Training:

$75 per hour (2+ sessions/week)

1X per week is $85

Training is done in an industrial ventilated, 800sqft studio; with 20ft ceilings.

No other members or staff will be present in the studio space.

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Pairs/Couples Training:

$50/hr – per person (2x/week)

1x per week is $55

Techny Fitness provides the pairing for solo individuals desiring this option.

If you’re coming in as a pair or couple, a 10% discount will be applied.

Small Group Training:

$35/hr – per person (2x/week)

1x per week is $40

Each person receives individualized workouts and attention.

Group is up to 4 people and each person receives a customized routine, every session.

Individuals aren’t required to provide other group members.

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In-Home Personal Training:

$95 per hour

Please contact us to learn more about the in-home experience.

ZERO Memberships! ZERO Hidden Fees!

Please contact us for questions, to schedule a walk through or to set up an appointment!

Techny Fitness

Brian Adamik – Owner/Trainer

Text or Call: 224-707-3623

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