Covid Safety

At Techny Fitness, safety is always of the highest priority and now more than ever.

For starters, our studio space is large and well ventilated.

The workout area is 800sqft with 20ft high ceilings.

pP training

There is a large industrial outflow and two large industrial intakes in the studio. This means that fresh air is being pumped in and used air is being removed.

The studio is downstairs and completely separate from the rest of the gym, so there is no contact with other members or staff.

We disinfect every piece of equipment after every use. Our studio is using a variety of products to get this done. We are using disinfectant wipes, disinfecting spray and disinfecting lysol aerosol spray.

cleaning prod

We have plenty of hand sanitizer to use before, after and throughout your workout.

Social distancing is practiced during every session.

Clients have the right to request that masks be worn full session, but masks can be removed during workout if social distance is maintained.