If you’re in or around Northbrook and looking for a personal trainer, we’re near you!

Techny Fitness offers Private, In-Home, Pairs and Small group personal training; each designed specific to meeting your fitness goals.

Our gym tailors fitness routines that are fully individualized, regardless your service choice.

The level of privacy available at Techny Fitness exceeds any other gym.

No other training facility can offer such premium personal training for such an outstanding value.

Check out our indoor and seasonal outdoor boot camps!

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Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

1.) Strategic Routines:

Our personal trainers work to fully understand your precise goals, workout history and potential fitness restrictions.

With that information, your personal trainer will design routines specific to you as an individual.

These individualized programs will ensure you’re getting the most from your time in our gym.

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

2.) Form Check:

We take Form seriously.

It is important to not only isolate the correct muscle groups, but to avoid unnecessary risks of injury.

Our personal trainers are there to make sure your routine is completed properly.

With the maintenance of proper form, you can rest assured you’ll be getting optimal results from your workout.

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

3.) Motivation:

Techny fitness provides a fun, comfortable and hard working atmosohere!

Our personal trainers will make sure your being challenged to the appropriate level.

This includes first timers, maxed out enthusiasts and everyone in-between!

We’ll increase your workout level using the right timing…thus, leaving you feeling challenged, but not to the point of over doing it.

To accomplished this, we’ll use a combination of experience, creativity and continuous education in the field.

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

4.) Nutritional Guidance:

Your daily intake is what really makes or breaks the chances of success.

Techny Fitness will provide you with strategic nutrition that’s suited to compliment your personal training goals.

We can offer essential tips or go as far as providing you with a detailed and regimented daily intake.


5.) Proper Weight Increases:

I’ve talked with many people who workout on their own.

One of the most common occurrences I see is people injuring themselves because they:

a.) Are new to fitness and start too heavy right from the start.

b.) Make weight increases prematurely.

These are classic reasons people injury themselves at the gym alone and it will only set you back from achieving your goals.

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

6.) Providing Variety:

At Techny Fitness, we have a wide variety of equipment catering to all types of training needs.

This allows for our fitness instructors to provide you varying training styles, allowing the avoidance of repetitive routines.

We are confident that even the veteran fitness enthusiasts will learn a new thing or two!

7.) Highly Functional Facility:

Located near Shermer and Techny in Northbrook, our personal training gym has 4,500 square feet of maximized training space.

Aside from our cardio room, there are four large training rooms each containing a huge variety of equipment.

The cardio room is equipped with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bike, stepper and upper body rotary exerciser.

We’re currently featuring Techny Fitness’s brand new, fully loaded 800 sq ft personal training studio.

Recently finished, this highly functional studio allows for the ultimate fitness experience.

It was built with creativity in mind and packed with versatility for a full, individualized personal training experience.

8.) Private & Positive Atmosphere

Unlike the average gym, Techny Fitness prides itself on always providing a comfortable, positive, safe and private personal training experience.

If you choose small group personal training, the other members are very supportive and extremely friendly with one another! As always with group training, you’ll get personal attention just like a 1-on-1 session.

Should you decide on private 1-on-1 personal training, you’ll be provided a 100% private studio space with no other people or distractions!

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness

Personal Trainer near Northbrook Techny Fitness