Fitness & Wellness Planning

Who can benefit from our service?

– People not working with a personal trainer, but require professional guidance and plan development.

– Those working with a trainer needing a detailed plan for their time away from their trainer.

Fitness & wellness programs can be designed with or without gym use and with or without equipment.

Ways this service is offered:

  • Remote: On-line service.

  • In-person in your home.

  • In-person at Techny Fitness.

This will depend on your personal preferences, goals and wants/needs.

This service includes:

-An online questionnaire to determine how to approach your specific case.


what you should be eating, when to eat and how much to eat.

You’ll be provided with the detailed Techny Fitness nutritional guidance and many other references.

Exercise Routine

what exercises are best for you, how to do them, when to do them and in what order to do them, etc.

This includes an organized routine with full descriptions and pictures.

Pain Management

We determine your specific ailments, if any…and provide a detailed plan to address them.

Stress Management

We’ll provide you with a list a stress management techniques to suit you.

You’ll get step-by-step descriptions of the techniques and their benefits.


You’ll be taught all about stretching and the different kinds.

This program will guide in how to stretch and provide you an organized routine with full descriptions and pictures.


Not all cardio exercises are good for everyone.

Based upon your online evaluation, we’ll teach you what cardio exercises are ideal for you, when to do

cardio and how long to do it for.


Any exercise you want to go over and talk about, we can demonstrate and teach you.

You can also video the demonstrations so you have it for future reference.


Remote planning: $150

In-gym planning: $190
(60 minutes +remote services)

In-home planning: $250
(60 minutes +remote services)

10% cash discount!

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