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My name is Brian Adamik.

I’m a fitness instructor and the owner of Techny Fitness in Northbrook.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working in our family owned and operated personal training gym.

We’ve been open almost 30 years now and have had the same Northbrook location for the duration.

Taking my experience, I’ve branched off to work unilaterally with the family business.

This allowed me the opportunity to develop our brand new Techny Fitness workout studio.

The new space has been laid with all new rubber gym flooring and packed with a wide variety of all brand new equipment.

We provide the versatile expertise and experience to meet your goals, no matter what they are.

Our professional personal training, boot camps and nutritional guidance will lead you to positive changes!

Just a few services Techny Fitness provides:

blue check mark Weight Loss

blue check mark Strength Training

blue check mark Toning

blue check mark Sports Training

blue check mark Plyometrics

blue check mark Improved Flexibility

blue check mark Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Training

blue check mark Special Needs Training

blue check mark Training for all ages and those with ailments

blue check mark In-home personal training!

Techny Fitness prides itself in providing a private, laid back and professional atmosphere.

Think of us as your friendly and local neighborhood personal training professionals!

Feel free to e-mail or call me to schedule a walk through or to set up an appointment!

Techny Fitness

Brian Adamik – Owner

1844 Techny ct, Northbrook, il 60062



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