Small Group Training


Group personal training at Techny Fitness is not a class.

This is premium personal training that’s hand tailored for you.

Each session is specifically designed around your individual goals, wants and needs.

Personal training sessions are an hour in length…with a group size of up to 4 clients.

I often describe it as getting a private training session while other people receive a private training session.

Every session is designed with careful thought.

A.) It will be effectively and strategically planned.

B.) The session will be done at a pace that coincides with your experience level.

C.) We put priority in letting the body adapt appropriately and avoid moving too fast.

D.) No matter where your starting from, communication and experience will be a key component in providing a well balanced workout.

E.) Your routines will have plenty of variety, keeping your body appropriately challenged and your routines fresh!

What to expect

Your exercises will be:

59 Custom chosen.

59 Geared to meet your goals.

59 Designed around your experience level.

59 Based on your personal preferences and needs.

Routines will be continuously developed and altered to meet your physical advancements.

While training, we’ll generally workout in circuits.

This means for example, we’ll work back and forth between 2-3 exercises until 3 sets are completed.

The decision to train in circuits will ultimately be based on your desired results.

We always proceed understanding that everyone has different goals, wants and needs.

Sessions are thoroughly observed to ensure:

blue check mark Your form is correct.

blue check mark The routine meets your experience level.

blue check mark They’re continuously tailored for you; by making potential adjustments to routines.

blue check mark You’re having fun and staying motivated!

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