Indoor Boot Camp



Techny Fitness indoor boot camp classes are pending.

Private group indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) sessions can be arranged upon request!

  • Sports teams
  • Corporate
  • Fitness fun with friends and/or family

Click the following link to learn about Outdoor Boot Camp at Techny Prairie Sled Hill!

Outdoor Boot Camp!



Indoor classes are structured as follows:

– Warm-up:

We’ll do various movements to get your muscles warm and your blood circulating as to properly prepare your body for exercise.

– Main Portion:

This will be the majority of our time.

We’ll be working through many different styles of exercises that’ll incorporate elements of cardio, core and general strength training!

Cool Down:

This will take place towards the end of the class.

It will consist of some light movements to bring your bodies levels down safely and prepare for stretching.

– Stretching:

For the final portion, we’ll proceed with various stretches.

This is important to not only help keep you feeling good, but will help your body to prevent injury while exercising.


Classes will be approximately 50-60 mins.

Spots are limited!

please reserve your spot today!

Schedule is subject to change.

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