Techny Fitness invites you to experience the unsurpassed level of privacy and professionalism our gym offers.

Pairs/Couples personal training is all about you.

When your training in our gym, we emphasize privacy.

Workouts will be done in a completely private 800sqft studio; which is separate from the rest of the gym and its patrons.

How to begin:

Contact us for a phone consultation so we can understand your goals and other pertinent information.

Next, we coordinate our first session!

Sessions are one hour in length.

During sessions, we’ll work through a routine that was developed to meet your specific experience level, goals, wants and needs.

What to expect:

Your exercises will be:

59 Custom chosen

59 Geared to meet your goals

59 Designed around your experience level

59 Based on your personal preferences and needs

Routines will be continuously developed and altered to meet your physical advancements.

While training, we’ll generally workout in circuits.

This means for example, we’ll work back and forth between 2-3 exercises until 3 sets are completed.

The decision to train in circuits will ultimately be based on your desired results.

We always proceed understanding that everyone has different goals, wants and needs.

Every session is designed with careful thought.

A.) It will be effectively and strategically planned.

B.) The session will be done at a pace that coincides with your experience level.

C.) We put priority in letting the body adapt appropriately and avoid moving too fast.

D.) No matter where your starting from, communication and experience will be a key component in providing a well balanced workout.

E.) Your routines will have plenty of variety, keeping your body appropriately challenged and your routines fresh!

Sessions are thoroughly observed to ensure:

blue check mark Your form is correct.

blue check mark The routine meets your experience level.

blue check mark They’re continuously tailored for you; by making potential adjustments to routines.

blue check mark You’re having fun and staying motivated!

All sessions will end with a 5 minute stretching routine standard.

Stretching is done at the end when the muscle is warm and most elastic.

Cold muscle stretching can actually lead to increased risk of injury.

This is why stretching should never be done before workout, unless you’ve thoroughly warmed up first.

If you require or desire additional stretching, we’ll be sure to work it in.

As an example…tight calves, IT bands and hamstrings can lead to lower back pain.

So occasionally, a client may want to spend additional time addressing an issue like this.

Lastly, if you like, we can provide music of your choosing.

Please contact us with any questions or to set up an appointment:

Techny Fitness

Brian Adamik – Owner/Trainer

Text or Call: 224-707-3623

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