Personal Training Northbrook

Trying to lose weight?

Here’s some crucial guidelines to help you along the way:

1.) You need to count your calories. I’ve worked with hundreds of people and by far, the most successful are calorie counting.

2.) Of course, you need to exercise. The optimal time for weigh loss is 90 minutes. At Techny Fitness, we suggest people do an hour session with their trainer and then hit cardio for 30 minutes post training.

3.) Regulate your Carbs. The rule of thumb is to try and stop eating carbs for the day by 2pm.

4.) Limit your sugar and your sodium. I’ve seen people lose dramatic amounts of weight just by cutting sugar. Limiting your sodium intake will rid yourself of excess water retention…and thus, will allow you to be more slimming.

5.) Don’t sleep on a full stomach. You should stop eating for the day 2 hours before you go to bed.

6.) Increase frequency and decrease quantity. Try and spread your meals out to 4-6 meals throughout the day starting when you wake up. This should be 4-6 meals that don’t exceed your daily calorie intake.

This is going to allow your body to efficiently digest food through they day…burning calories in the process.

7.) Don’t forget to workout with weights. Weight training does not only keep you younger and more capable, but it will assist with weight loss. Muscle needs calories, so the more you have…the more calories you can burn each day. Also, you burn calories while your body repairs your muscles…so you get your body working for you.

Contact me with any questions!

Brian Adamik

Techny Fitness – Personal Trainer

1844 Techny ct, Northbrook, il 60062




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