Pricing / Services


59 Private Personal Training:

  •  $75 per hour

*We’ll train in an industrial ventilated, 800sqft studio; with 20ft ceilings.

**No other members or staff will be present in the studio space.

59 Pairs/Couples Personal Training:

  •  $40 an hour, per person

**Techny Fitness provides the pairing for individuals!

59 In-Home Personal Training:

*Please contact us for pricing.

Pricing based on location. Average price range is between:

  • $100-$140 per hour

59Boot Camps

Classes are $20 per person.

59 Small Group Personal Training:

$35 per hour

**because of covid-19, provided groups are currently unavailable and groups must be formed in advance by the clients. Ex: a group of household family members. 3 person minimum to qualify as small group.

59Key Member

  • $350 per month

**Currently unavailable due to Covid-19.


*Mention any promotions upon purchase.

*Any one promo per person. First time clients only.

Please contact us for questions, to schedule a walk through or to set up an appointment!

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